'USG ZOLDO's main mission is to make our kids skate, starting from starter, letting them try more disciplines to allow them to decide later whether to proceed with hockey or figure skating. Once the discipline has been chosen, USG Zoldo pushes its athletes to practice the activity regularly and intensively, completing the training with federal championships and competitions, national and international tournaments and camps.

USG Zoldo is more than a sports association, it is an association dedicated to children


In 2014, the Unione Sportiva Ghiaccio Zoldo decided to enrich its sports proposal and to bring back to the Valley, in addition to ice hockey, another discipline that had been missing for years: figure skating. The will is to bring an increasing number of boys and girls closer to the winter disciplines that can be practiced in our mountains .... Read more


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The ice in Zoldo was born in 1972 with an outdoor rink. The passion leads to the construction of a complete stadium and a youth that grows to reach Serie A. Numerous vicissitudes lead to the closure of the 2002 stadium and a demolition of the roof in 2009. In 2010, the founders of the current ASD USG Zoldo open their doors of the stadium and put the skates on the feet of a generation that has never skated. today the athletes are more than 70 and they come mainly from Zoldo but also from Cibiana, Longarone, Ponte nelle Alpi and far beyond.


From the 2022 season, I find myself in an officially different role than in the last 12 competitive seasons. As President, I have to communicate the company's mission and the objectives for the coming years, which in reality are always the same and which together with my team we have carried forward from day one, and that is to make ice sports known to as many children and teenagers as possible to give emotions and opportunities, and to give them sporting qualities to allow them to test themselves and discover strength and courage that perhaps they did not know they had. And the USG Zoldo has strength and courage to spare. We know that the path of these years has been difficult, but we also know that we have reached goals that were unimaginable a few years ago. More than 100 athletes from Zoldo and from places even far away, categories up to Under 17, U13 national champions, artistic athletes on the podium, highly successful events and tournaments, national athletes and athletes abroad. The list does not end here and it is very long. We also know that difficult years lie ahead of us due to the international crisis and the relative increase in energy costs, but the enthusiasm and collaboration between us is evident and with this we can only do our best, continuing to believe in it, to grow, and have fun. Thanks to all of you who somehow participate in this big family and allow us to be who we are today.



The association and its many volunteers aim to continue making ice available for as many children and young people as possible, giving them opportunities and passion. Following the cooling system, purchased a few years ago, the big project now is to put a roof back on the stadium.



    Born in Ostrava on 06/10/78. Second level coach. It grows in the youth of Ostrava. After their father's playing career, they return to Jihlava (father's hometown) and from there he moves on to play for teams such as HC Dukla Jihlava, and others, also in the Czech Republic. In 2000-2001, he enters Italy, playing three seasons in the USG Zoldo and, subsequently, a few months in Val Gardena. Immediately after, he returns to the Czech Republic and plays for another two years and, at the same time, having repeated injuries, completes the training and trains the youth sector. In 2005, the coaching proposal for the youth sector arrives in Varese and will remain there for 7 seasons. In 2012, a new proposal unexpectedly arrives: the USG Zoldo wants to start from scratch even without a roof.

    Born in Agordo on 27 04 1972 Since he was a child, he plays hockey, following in the footsteps of his brothers. With the USG Zoldo, he gets to play up to Serie A and follows playing in Milan and Alleghe. Very young, at the age of 18, he started and managed the youth academies in Zoldo, knocking on the doors of all Zoldo houses to give any boy or girl an opportunity. During the years of closure of the stadium, he fought for the opening of the same and in 2008, together with Ivan meneghetti and Stefano Soccol, he revived the USG Zoldo. Tito is the turbo engine of the association, continually pushing for new opportunities, always finding time for training, tournaments and travel, fitting everything between his work and his family.

    Born in Lahr in the Schwarzwald on 03/03/72. Coach for passion. He began his career at Hockeysta in Zoldo at the age of 6 together with the still little known Meneghetti. Play in all categories, first in Serie B in 88 and in Serie A in league 91/92. During this period he occasionally trains children from Zoldo as well as our Linda De Rocco. In 1995 he independently continued his activity in the family ice cream parlor and left hockey. In 2006 he begins a new working adventure in Lignano, then getting married in 2008. Between 2009 and 2015 3 children are born, and Tito manages to convince him that the best thing to do in Zoldo is to fight to build a hockey team. Laughing and joking, the Usg now has more than 70 children, and the determination has been reborn as when they played in Serie A.

    born in Belluno on 21/12/1981. He approaches winter sports thanks to his father, a downhill ski instructor. He dedicated himself to this discipline until the age of ten when he was recruited into the ranks of the Usg Zoldo by two very young coaches / players Tito Meneghetti and Stefano Scussel. Since then, his passion for ice hockey begins which will see him in the military in the ranks of the Usg Zoldo starting from the 91/92 season, later also participating in the Serie B championship. in the Pontebba team. Currently, with the reopening of the stadium and the rebirth of the company, he continues to cultivate a passion for hockey by assisting the official coaches in the management of the youth sector.

    born in Kiev, Ukraine. After practicing multiple disciplines, he begins to skate at the age of 10, immediately demonstrating a great predisposition for figure skating and in particular for ice dance. He trains and grows artistically in the Dynamo sports club, a club at the time with several offices in the Soviet Union. Together with his partner, they won the title of national ice dance champion three times. In 1981 he graduated from the National University of Physical Education and Sport. In the 90s he came to Italy at the request of a friend, a coach and fellow student who wanted him as a collaborator for his figure skating team in Belluno. He stayed here for three years. In Italy he takes the teaching qualification and specializations to become a second level technician. From Belluno he moved to teach in Alleghe where he remained for about fifteen years. He then plays in some other clubs in Northern Italy until he reaches Usg Zoldo where he has been the starting technician since 2017. In the 2019/2020 season under his leadership Usg Zoldo has enrolled, for the first time in the history of the current club, some athletes to competitions in the field of figure skating.

    born in Belluno on 2 July 2004. At the age of 8 she is wearing ice skates for the first time. He also approaches downhill skiing but the choice quickly falls on figure skating, a discipline that he will soon begin to practice in a competitive manner. Since there is no viable stadium in Zoldo, he begins training in Alleghe with our current coach Olexandr Zikmanchiuck. When the coach decides to leave the Alleghese club, Giulia continues her training path in Claut under the guidance of the Austrian coach Doris. Participate in various competitions, often finishing in the first places.


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